Primghar, Iowa 2012 Figure 8 Races

Final Standings: August 26, 2012

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Pl Car Driver TD Races, 1-9 City** Car Cum.
147Chris Einck2A b  bA BPrimghar, IA84 Monte Carlo737
261Jeremy Wulf3  ABAAb  Sutherland, IA77Chevy Malibu725
310Nick Rice1     B  AMilford, IA79 Monte Carlo629
457Joe Hunt8a  aB    Granville, IA57 Chevy 210623
578Chad Baatz5b   b    Hospers, IA85 Monte Carlo539
655Kyle Hunt   a    A Granville, IA82 Chevy Malibu501
789Brandon Cronin9 B      aOrange City, IA80 Monte Carlo489
828Haley Hunt B       bGranville,IA78 Monte Carlo487
971Norman Lange  A       Doon, IA79 Monte Carlo471
107Jon Wulf6   Aa    Primghar, IA77 Chevy Malibu459
1112Steve Wetrich          Hartley, IA80 Cutlass454
1233Brytton Kelleher        B Primghar, IA86 Olds Cutlass452
132Roger Leth    b     Hartley, IA84 Cutlass420
1473Lee Verdoorn7         Hospers, IA87 Olds Cutlass380
1566Brandon Wilcox4         Everly, IA79 Monte Carlo363
1686Taylor Hofmeyer  b       Granville, IA83 Monte Carlo359
1753James Blankers          Hospers, IA85 Monte Carlo352
1811Jace Maris          Paullina, IA80 Grand Prix348
1975Nancy Hoogland   B      Granville, IA54 Chevy331
2048Mike Prange        b Spencer, IA86 Monte Carlo330
2136Mark Thompson          Primghar, IA84 Olds Cutlass312
2268Coty Newmann          Hartley, IA78 Cougar311
2390Alex Logan          Primghar, IA80 Chevy Caprice308
2425Tyler Draper      a   Sutherland, IA79 Monte Carlo297
2583Justin Hunt          Granville, IA80 Chevy289
2651Cole Leiding  a       Primghar, IA83 Buick Regal275
2776Stan Hoogland          Granville, IA61 Chevy255
2841Christopher Jungers       b  Hospers, IA80 Chevy245
298Michael Miller          Sheldon, IA96 Monte Carlo243
3069Tyler Peterson          Hartley, IA80 Chevy Camero242
313Dale McGuire        a Spencer, IA 209
3272Mark Dodge          Hartley, IA72 Chevy Camero206
3354Kenny Norris          Marcus, IA84 Monte Carlo202
3437Craig Verdoorn          Primghar, IA85 Cougar201
3558Derek Logan          Primghar, IA80 Chevy198
3680Josh Logan          Primghar, IA90 Pontiac Grand Am193
3713Lance Hulstein          Rock Valley, IA80 Buick Regal139
3832Nick Weier          Hartley, IA82 Olds Cutlass114
3920Richard Leth          Hartley, IA84 Olds Cutlass108
4088Adam Nissen          Aurelia, IA80 Monte Carlo93
4184Travis Hofmeyer       B  Granville, IA83 Grand Prix87
4240Ponch Hulstein          Rock Valley, IA79 Monte Carlo58
4317Kenny Swenson          Ocheyedan, IA1972 Olds Chevelle39
4418Zach Hohbach          Paullina, IA79 Chevy Malibu31
4529Greg Draper          Sutherland, IA79 Monte Carlo25
465Terry Drost          Ocheyedan, IA78 Monte Carlo0
4721Alex Pottebaum          Alton, IA80 Chevy0
4838Rob Verdoorn          Dickens, IA 0
4974Cory Hoogland          Hospers, IA74 Plymouth0
5091Jerad DeVos          Sutherland, IA78 Grand Prix0
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*The Won column shows major results by race night. A leading numeral is the race night a driver won the trophy dash. A: won the A feature; a: second in the A feature; B: won the B feature; b: second in the B feature. No other results are shown. NOTE: The car, not the driver, "wins" a race.

**Cities are in Iowa unless otherwise indicated.


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