Primghar, Iowa 2010 Figure 8 Races

Final Standings: August 21, 2010

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Pl Car Driver TD Races, 1-8 City** Car Cum.
157Joe Hunt4  a    BGranville81 Monte Carlo543
261Jeremy Wulf   A b   Sutherland76 Chevy479
376Stan Hoogland    aa a Granville61 Impala472
451Cole Leiding6   b b  Primghar83 Buick Regal469
56Travis McGuire        ASpencer78 Monte Carlo460
63Mark Jensen a       Calumet78 Monte Carlo445
786Taylor Hofmeyer  b  A A Granville83 Monte Carlo430
88Kevin Koerselman1     A  Sheldon81 Olds Cutlass426
947Chris Einck3AA  B   Primghar84 Cutlass413
1022David Svoboda       b Orange City80 Chevy394
1137Craig Verdoorn   B     Sanborn85 Cougar388
1266Brandon Wilcox    B    Everly79 Chevy Monte Carlo380
1378Chad Baatz         Hospers82 Olds Cutlass379
1440Ponch Hulstein8   A  BbRock Valley79 Monte Carlo377
1571Norman Lange         Doon79 Monte Carlo370
1613Lance Hulstein7Ba      Rock Valley80 Buick Regal360
1783Justin Hunt2b    B  Granville84 Monte Carlo357
182Roger Leth      a  Hartley84 Cutlass357
1948Mike Prange         Spencer82 Olds Cutlass350
2028Haley Hunt         Granville79 Monte Carlo339
2195Randy Sohn  B      Primghar82 Chevy333
2210Nick Rice         Milford79 Monte Carlo318
2384Travis Hofmeyer   b     Granville83 Grand Prix308
2450Brady Griffin         Hartley74 Chevelle299
2541Christopher Jungers         Hospers72 Chevy297
2675Nancy Hoogland5        Granville87 Olds Cutlass265
2719Jeremy Bobzien        aPrimghar86 Monte Carlo264
2812Nick Weier         Hartley80 Ford249
2911Jace Maris         Paullina79 Monte Carlo243
3058Derek Logan         Primghar77 Chevy Malibu241
3121Alex Pottebaum         Granville84 Chevy Caprice238
3290Alex Logan         Primghar80 Chevy Caprice225
3380Josh Logan         Primghar90 Pontiac Grand Am219
3436Mark Thompson         PrimgharFord LTD211
3553Theo Blankers         Hospers85 Monte Carlo208
3659Denny Logan         Primghar80 Monte Carlo202
3714Chad McGuire         Spencer80 Monte Carlo187
3869Scott Wetherell         Sutherland76 Olds Cutlass183
3999Kevin Bennett         Hartley92 Lumina179
4073Lee Verdoorn         Hospers87 Olds Cutlass174
4142Bryan Leth         Sanborn82 Buick Regal172
425Terry Drost         Ocheyedan78 Monte Carlo153
4320Ric Leth         Remsen84 Olds Cutlass139
4435Joshua Jederberg         Granville79 Malibu136
4544Jason Deman         LeMars85 Monte Carlo84
467Jon Wulf         Shellrock84 Monte Carlo81
4788Adam Nissen         Aurelia80 Monte Carlo77
480Elton Jederberg         GranvilleChevy70
4924Jesse Logan         Milford76 Malibu55
5055David Lange         Doon84 Olds Cutlass22
514Joshua Van Beek         Inwood79 Impala0
5233Kevin Kelleher         Primghar80 Chevy0
5338Rob Verdoorn         Dickens80 Chevy0
5463Mike Jensen         Calumet81 Olds Cutlass0
5574Cory Hoogland         Granville80 Monte Carlo0
5681David Cleveringa         Hospers81 Chevy Caprice0
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*The Won column shows major results by race night. A leading numeral is the race night a driver won the trophy dash. A: won the A feature; a: second in the A feature; B: won the B feature; b: second in the B feature. No other results are shown. NOTE: The car, not the driver, "wins" a race.

**Cities are in Iowa unless otherwise indicated.


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