Primghar, Iowa 2009 Figure 8 Races

Final Standings: August 15, 2009

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Pl Car Driver TD Races, 1-8 City** Car Cum.
13Dale McGuire b  B  A Spencer, IA78 Monte Carlo512
247Chris Einck1     bB Primghar, IA84 Cutlass482
39Brandon Cronin2B       Orange City, IA78 Regal451
413Lance Hulstein7A b     Rock Valley, IA80 Buick Regal443
566Brandon Wilcox8  B B  aEverly, IA79 Chevy Monte Carlo425
628Haley Hunt     b   Granville,IA79 Monte Carlo418
783Justin Hunt6   A    Cedar Falls, IA84 Monte Carlo400
857Joe Hunt3       AGranville,IA81 Monte Carlo381
978Chad Baatz         Hospers, IA81 Grand Prix378
1076Stan Hoogland4 A  A   Granville, IA61 Impala375
1151Cole Leiding  a      Primghar,IA83 Buick Regal364
1218Duane Niichel a       Granville,IA81 Olds Cutlass357
1310Nick Rice      a  Milford,IA79 Monte Carlo349
1480Josh Logan         Primghar, IA90 Pontiac Grand Am348
151Jeremiah Straub         Hospers, IA84 Ford LTD325
1612Steve Wetrich  B      Primghar, IA85 Ford323
1759Denny Logan         Primghar, IA80 Monte Carlo306
1875Nancy Hoogland       b Granville, IA76 Cutlass302
196Travis McGuire    a    Spencer, IA81 Monte Carlo300
2041Christopher Jungers       a Hospers, IA82 Chevy Caprice297
2150Brady Griffin      A  Hartley, IA74 Chevelle296
2284Travis Hofmeyer         Granville,IA83 Grand Prix291
2386Taylor Hofmeyer5 b      Granville,IA80 Monte Carlo286
242Roger Leth         Hartley, IA84 Cutlass282
2521Alex Pottebaum         Granville, IA79 Impala272
2611Jace Maris      B  Paullina,IA75 Malibu268
2748Mike Prange     a   Spencer, IA82 Olds Cutlass262
2814Chad McGuire         Spencer, IA80 Monte Carlo261
2963Mike Jensen         Calumet,IA81 Olds Cutlass258
3024Jesse Logan         Milford,IA76 Malibu249
3169Scott Wetherell        BSutherland, IA79 Impala245
3272Mark Dodge         Hartley, IA72 Camaro233
3368Coty Neumann         Spencer,IA80 Monte Carlo232
3471Norman Lange   a     Doon, IA79 Monte Carlo231
3522David Svoboda        bOrange City, IA80 Chevy229
3623Mike Draper         Sutherland, IA84 Monte Carlo225
3744Jason Deman         LeMars, IA85 Monte Carlo212
3835Chris Permann         Hartley,IA87 Chevy Malibu196
3977Kim Baatz         Hospers, IA84 Cutlass190
404Joshua Van Beek    b    Inwood, IA79 Impala186
4137Craig Verdoorn         Sanborn, IA74 Grand Torino184
4274Cory Hoogland   A     Granville, IA74 Dodge171
4319Jeremy Bobzien         Hartley, IA86 Monte Carlo165
4461Jeremy Wulf         Sutherland, IA76 Chevy157
4542Bryan Leth         Remsen, IA77 Ford LTD133
4653Theo Blankers         Hospers, IA78 Chevy Caprice131
4799Kevin Bennett         Hartley, IA92 Lumina124
4816Todd DeJong         Orange City, IA80 Monte Carlo121
4920Bob Meyer         Sheldon,IA84 Olds Cutlass116
5090Alex Logan         Primghar, IAChevy106
5132Nick Weier         Paullina,IA85 Ford Cougar100
525Terry Drost         Ocheyedan,IA84 Pontiac Grand Prix96
5317Jake Ney         Hull, IA74 Ford Torino95
5482Darin Logan         Primghar, IA81 Monte Carlo89
5595Jason Friedrich         Spencer,IA80 Monte Carlo84
5658Derek Logan         Primghar,IA77 Chevy Malibu78
5736Josh Jederberg         Granville, IA76 Monte Carlo37
5897Chris Kipfer         Spencer, IAMonte Carlo32
6025Dan Draper         Sutherland, IA89 Chevy Caprice25
6179Mike Van Roekel         Granvillle, IA79 Chevy18
6255David Lange         Doon, IA84 Olds Cutlass8

*The Won column shows major results by race night. A leading numeral is the race night a driver won the trophy dash. A: won the A feature; a: second in the A feature; B: won the B feature; b: second in the B feature. No other results are shown. NOTE: The car, not the driver, "wins" a race.

**Cities are in Iowa unless otherwise indicated.


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