Primghar, Iowa 2006 Figure 8 Races

Final Standings: August 22, 2006

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Pl Car Driver TD Races, 1-8 City** Car Cum.
13Dale McGuire aBbBa b Spencer78 Ch Monte Carlo582
276Stan Hoogland1 A bb B Granville84 Grand Prix543
360Ben Sanderson6       BDickens82 Cutlass531
48Steve Miller4     a ABoyden80 Ch492
566Brandon Wilcox7b    B  Everly79 Ch Monte Carlo460
651Matt Einck     B  bPrimghar83 Buick428
79Brandon Cronin       a Orange City80 Cutlass426
861Jeremy Wulf A       Primghar80 Caprice385
923Mike Draper  a  A   Sutherland84 Pont Grand Prix368
101Jeremiah Straub         Hospers84 Ford LTD364
1182Darin Logan         Primghar78 Monte Carlo357
1224Jesse Logan5        Primghar87 Monte Carlo355
1340Ponch Hulstein  bA  A  Rock Valley79 Monte Carlo348
1441Tim Miller   aA    Sheldon80 Olds Cutlass337
1588Adam Nissen3        Aurelia79 Monte Carlo328
1647Chris Einck8B       Primghar84 Cutlass308
1759Denny Logan2      A Primghar72 Ch Chevelle305
1853Jeremy Darnell         Boyden81 Monte Carlo289
1999Chad Van Beek         Primghar81 Olds Cutlass287
2037Craig Verdoorn    a    Hartley85 Cougar284
2148Mike Prange         Spencer82 Olds Cutlass274
2270Josh Mahler         Sutherland78 Monte Carlo272
2346Tazz Varmer         Granville82 Pont Grand Prix268
2412Steve Wetrich         Primghar80 Ford263
2575Darren Hoogland         Granville75 Cutlass262
2629Greg Draper        aSutherland84 Grand Prix256
2765Tyler De Jong      b  Orange City81 Ch Caprice244
2880Josh Logan         Primghar78 Olds Cutlass241
2968Coty Neumann         Spencer84 Monte Carlo235
3054Tim Mohning         Doon79 Malibu234
3114Chad McGuire         Spencer80 Monte Carlo231
3283Justin Hunt         Granville84 Monte Carlo230
3325Dan Draper         Sutherland89 Ch Caprice229
3486Taylor Hofmeyer         Orange City80 Monte Carlo213
3569Michael Miller         Boyden82 Ch207
3698Phil King         Harris86 Buick Regal205
3720Jake Ney   B     Hull79 Cutlass203
3885Luke Logan         Primghar85 Buick LeSabre202
3972Mark Dodge         Hartley72 Camaro190
406Travis McGuire         Spencer81 Monte Carlo189
4117Tracy Frink         Spencer 186
4296Jason Friedrich         Spencer81 Monte Carlo175
4374Cory Hoogland         Granville87 Malibu160
4432Nick Weier         Paullina85 Ford LTD149
4577Troy Schueder         PaullinaCh Monte Carlo149
4622Charlie Roseland         HartleyCh Malibu146
4764Ron DeJong         S. Sioux City,NE79 Olds Cutlass133
4873Lee Verdoorn         Hospers87 Cutlass127
4978Chad Baatz         Hospers81 Grand Prix122
5030Chris Permann         Granville80 Cutlass121
5194BJ Bruns         Paullina77 Cutlass81
5256Joe Munoz         Doon79 Olds69
534John Pennings         Sanborn76 Caprice65
5495Dustin Logan         Hartley83 Olds Cutlass59
5591Jake Boden         Maurice81 Cutlass50
5627Matt Draper         Cherokee84 Cutlass40
5755Bruce Veltkamp         Hull77 Olds27
5819Jeremy Bobzien         Hartley76 Malibu25
5916Todd DeJong         Orange City83 Grand Prix14
6052Erin Campbell         Archer80 Cutlass8
610Willy Pedro         Sheldon80 Ch Station Wagon0
6238Rob Verdoorn         Webb78 Ch Monte Carlo0
6384Travis Hofmeyer         Orange City77 Olds Delta 880
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*The Won column shows major results by race night. A leading numeral is the race night a driver won the trophy dash. A: won the A feature; a: second in the A feature; B: won the B feature; b: second in the B feature. No other results are shown. NOTE: The car, not the driver, "wins" a race.

**Cities are in Iowa unless otherwise indicated.


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