MAY 4,2018

Recycling Alloweds/Dis-alloweds

Curbside Pickup 6 AM --> Done

This is the 11th year the City of Primghar and Town & Country Disposal will provide curbside pick-up of your non­traditional garbage items. Please plan to have the items you wish to discard placed at your usual garbage pickup area by 6:00am on Friday May 4, 2018.

"The City of Primghar and Town & Country Disposal have the right to reject any items placed out for collection. If your items are not picked up, there is a reason. You will be

responsible for removing them from the curb and properly disposing of them within three (3) days.

*** Rummaging through or removing items placed out for pickup by any person should be done so in a neat and respectable manner.


o Furniture

o Mattresses, box springs

o Household items (no appliances)

o Small amounts of wood (6ft or shorter, bundled in 40# or less)

o Carpet (cut & rolled into lightweight 4ft bundles)

o Other miscellaneous items

o Paint cans (DRY paint only, lid removed)


o ALL APPLIANCES (Stoves, refrigerators, humidifiers, small appliances, TV's, etc. .. )

o Tires

o Chemicals

o Yard waste

o Concrete

o Scrap metal

o Demolition and remodeling debris

(Special arrangements can be made by calling T & C at (712) 472-2493.)

'Hazardous Material Pickup' 1 - 3 PM; EMS Building

Northwest IA Area Landfill, Household Hazardous Material (HHM) Traveling Trailer available May 3rd from 1-3pm at the Primghar EMS Bldg.

Paint cans containing wet paint or any other hazardous materials such as Degreasers, Waxes & Polishes, Solvents, Lacquers & Thinners, Caustic Household Cleaners, Spot & Stain Removers, Pesticides & Herbicides or Oil Based Paint can be brought to the HHM trailer on Thursday May 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00pm. This will be parked on the east side of the Primghar EMS Building. Or, if you wish to get rid of your hazardous materials sooner, you may call the HHM Facility directly for information/appointment at 712-324-4026. :

: **Please note that Latex paint carries a fee of $1.00/gallon, for residents only, Commerciai disposal must be coordinated through NWIAL-HHM directly, by appointment only. :

From City Flyer--712-957-2435

Tossed in to ????

The two illustrations below seem unrelated to clean-up but they do have a good (?) listing of the do's and don'ts. Plastic 1 -7 was new to me. It seems a much broader listing of allowed items. May help save the planet--sincere comment. The picture is a link to full size, more readable version.

What to recycle --March 2018 Don't recycle

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