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Last Entry: July, 2002
Eagle sculpted from tree stump Eagle detail--chicks
Eagle detail--head and beak
The eagle sculpture from a tree in the front yard of Ron Vandersluice at 123 N Welch Ave. was carved by Duane Nelson of Jackson, MN. It is a detailed and impressive work. It has since been complimented by a rock garden and flag pole . In these pictures you can see the sawdust and the raw wood. Ron applied a clear protective coat to the finished sculpture.
New flag at ball park, dedicated July 4th, 2002N&E Elevator and model (bird house)
July 4th a new flag for the sports/park/fairgrounds flagpole was dedicated. Here it is seen from the baseball bleachers looking east through the backstop. The flag had flown over the capitol in Washington, D.C.On a lighter note, we see a birdhouse just to the east of the Nicholson & Edwards Elevator off B40. The hole for the bird is on the north (right) side
Lighthouse sculpture from tree stump.
This lighthouse was sculpted by Jeff Klatt (dba Runaway Saws, Storm Lake, IA tel:712.732.9688). It is on the south side of B40, a half block west of Highway 59 (345 3rd St SE). At about 8 foot, Jeff used the tree stump well. The inset shows the housing for the light. The work was commissioned by Dennis and Sharon Steinbeck.

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