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East-West Streets, from the north.7th Street (?) (not built)Lotte
Eighth Street NorthEighth StreetBeulah
Seventh Street NorthNinth StreetDemia
Sixth Street North (to east--385th St)Tenth StreetFoskett
Fifth Street NorthEleventh StreetArch
Fourth Street NorthTwelfth StreetJackson
Third Street NorthThirteenth StreetEva
Second Street NorthFourteenth StreetChurch
First Street NorthFifteenth StreetCourt
First Street South3Sixteenth StreetColumbia
Second Street SouthSeventeenth StreetGreen
Third Street South (County Road B40 -390th St)Eighteenth StreetFront
Fourth Street SouthNineteenth Street1st
Fifth Street SouthTwentieth Street2nd (Leng Addtion name??)
Sixth Street SouthTwenty-First Street3rd (Leng Addtion name??)
North-South Streets, from the east.  
Public Street4  
Metcalf Avenue--- 
Heritage Park RoadAsh Avenue 
Welch AvenueBirch Avenue 
Rerick Avenue (North, South*) US Hwy 59, Silver AveCedar Avenue 
Albright AvenueCherry Avenue 
Hayes Avenue (North, South*)Elm Avenue 
Green Avenue (North, South*)Fir Avenue 
McCormack Avenue (North, South*)1Maple Avenue 
Inman Avenue (North, South)Poplar Avenue, Railroad Avenue 2 
Roberts Avenue (North, South*)Spruce Avenue 
Pumphrey AvenueWalnut Avenue 
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Speculation: The first E - W street, 8th, may have allowed growth where a 1st Street might be present day 380th Avenue.

Avenues are founders names:Primghar-Pumphrey through Rerick; Welch for attorney Joseph Welch, the Primghar native who was famous in the McCarthy hearings. Metcalf for long time banker, Harold Metcalf, who provided land and financial support for the golf course.

Thankks to O'Brien County Assessor office for their help.


1 South of B40, some referred to McCormack as Silk Stocking Avenue for the palatial homes.

2 Railroad Avenue - south of present First Steet North

3 House numbers north 'fit'; house numbers south 'fit' the south street.

4 One undeveloped paved block N of golf course parking. Name from plat map.

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