Primghar boosters of 1911.

The Hub Hotel and
its Time Capsule

Primghar, O'Brien County, Iowa

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The Hub Hotel

Dedication of the Hub Hotel, 1915 There's quite a crowd at the dedication of the Hub Hotel, probably Oct 21, 1915. Note the large school building in the left background. And the stepped roof line of the building on the right (the present fire hall?)
Remember blotters. (Kids--those were absorbent, thick paper sheets to soak up excess ink from ink pens) This was a picture off the back of a 1915 blotter. Hub Hotel, 1915, as pictured on an ink blotter. 1915

Hub, afire, at a controlled burn. 2000

On November 12th, 1999, the Hub Hotel was burned in a controlled burn. About eight surrounding towns joined in controlling the fire. The aerial truck is from Sioux Center. Many units carried water.(better picture wanted--please email to webmaster, below)
Hub Hotel, all that remains after controlled burn. And the day after the burn you can see the school (not the same building as in the top picture). After cleanup-the lot was uesd to display Kelley Ford's vehicles, porta pots for RAGBRAI, but is usually vacant.
Here is the time capsule that held photographs, newspapers and other memorabilia from 1915. Much of its contents is displayed here--follow the links at top or bottom. The pencil is for scale. The time capsule itself

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