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  • RE - Recreation
  • WH - Wildlife Habitat
  • HI - Historical
  • RS -Rest Stop
  • RA - River Access
  • ST - State Area
  • CO - County Area
  • RR - Railroad
  • LE - Leased (Privately Owned)
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Mill Creek Park, ¼ mi. E. Paullina139CSF KPBPT SLRRE, WH, ST
Dog Creek Park, 3 mi SE Sutherland110CSF KPBPTWS RRE, WH, CO
Douma Park, 2 mi W, 1 mi S, Sanborn21CSF KPBPT S  RE, CO
Covey Church, 7 mi N Sutherland1     P PT S  RE, HI, LE
Gaza Park, N edge of Gaza1     P PT S  RE
Tjossem Area, 1 S, ½ E of Primghar13C F  P PT    RE, WH, CO
Bruegmann Area, 4 E, ¼ N Hartley20  FH  BPT    RE, WH. CO
Litka Area, 5 N, 2¼ E, Sutherland4  FH   PT    WH, CO
Old Dutch Fred, 4 E, 1 S, ½ E, Sutherland1C FH  B T    RA, HI, CO
Negus Area, 2 mi S, Sutherland17  FH  B      RE, WH, CO
Hannibal Waterman Wildlife Area,
4½ SE, 1N, Sutherland
160  FHK        HI, WH, CO
McCormack Area, 3 E, ¼ S, Sutherland21  FHK        WH, CO
Wagner Area, 4 E, ¼ N, Hartley17   HK        WH, LE
Flinders Area, 1 N, 1 W, Sutherland3   H         WH, LE
Muxlow Area, 4 E, 1 N, ½ E, Sanborn3             WH, LE
Hickey Area, 4 N, ½ E, Sanborn1             WH, LE
Weale Area, 1 N, 1 E, Sutherland9   H         WH, CO
Waterman Wildlife Area, 8½ E, Primghar145   HK        WH, ST
Mill Creek Area, 1 W, 4½ N, Paullina13   HK        WH, CO
Railroad Area, 1 mi. E, Granville12   HK        WH, CO
Railroad, 2 mi. E Granville9   HK        WH, CO
Railroad, 2½ mi E, Granville9   HK        WH, CO
Railroad Area, 3 mi. W, Paullina9   HK        WH, CO
Railroad Area, ¾ E, ¼ S, Paullina9   HK        WH, CO

Mill Creek Park
In December, 1935, the Paullina park commissioners gave 160 acres to the Iowa Conservation Commission for its development as a state park. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) did much of the work. In 1962, the state returned 21 acres on the southeast corner for use as an airport. In 1975, the park was turned over to the O'Brien County Conservation Board (OCCB) under a maintenance and management agreement. In the late '70's the lake was drained and, with the help of the Heavy Equipment Department of Northwest Iowa Community College, silt removed. In 1979, Mr. Karl Swanson bequeathed $93,000 for improvements to the park. Play, safety, and camping were some improvements funded by the grant. Link to reservations information.

Dog Creek Park

This popular park was planned in 1967 and built with the help of many organizations. Funds were from the OCCB and a federal program: the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation and Land and Water Conservation Fund. And ingenuity helped: By simply raising an adjoining roadbed, the County Secondary Road Department was able to impound water for a lake and avoid having to replace an existing bridge. Over the years, the citizens in and around Sutherland, Iowa, have been especially willing to improve the park.

Douma Wayside Park

Development of this park began in 1967. Funds were from the OCCB and a federal program: the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation and Land and Water Conservation Fund. The park reclaimed a depleted gravel pit.

Covey Church>

Covey Church Park is at the site of the first church in O'Brien County. A church now on the site was....

Gaza Park

Land donated to the county by the Wall family gives area citizens a place to relax and enjoy a family picnic close to home. Mr. TT and Suzy (nee Smith) Wall were long time xxxxers in the Gaza area. Long time Republicans, they saw no better way....

Tjossem Area

Mr and Mrs. (nee Suzy Smith ) Glenn Tjossem donated the land, a former gravel pit, for the park in 19xx with a request that it be developed as a multiple use park. Sites for overnight camping and picnics have been constructed. A large wildlife food plot contributes a natural look to the western half of the acreage. The Primghar Jaycees have helped improve the site.

Bruegmann Area

This former gravel pit gets its name from TT?? Bruegman, former minister of agriculture to Transylvania, who was a centenarian from across the tracks in Hartley. Although it is in Clay County, the OCCB has responsibility. Many great bass and northern pike are taken each year. And hatches of duck and geese occur yearly.

Litka Area

The Arnold Litka family donated this area for public use in 1960. It is a good place to enjoy nature by observing or hunting.

Old Dutch Fred

This access to the Little Sioux River is named after a German immigrant who is said to have left Germany to escape King William's wrath. Fred Fielding, his true name, is buried on a hill southwest of this park. Fred was originally laid to rest near his dugout in a valley, but soil erosion prompted some concerned citizens to move his remains. They erected a monument at the site. Fred at one time lived and worked with O'Brien County's first white settlers, Mr. and Mrs Hannibal Waterman.

Negus Area

The area was purchased and left undeveloped to control erosion above Dog Creek lake.

Hannibal Waterman Wildlife Area (County)

This farm is O'Brien County's largest wildlife habitat. There are approximately 100 acres of mature native trees. The Little Sioux River enters and exits the area twice. An earthen dam provides another environment for wildlife.

The farm is the site of the first homestead of white settlers in O'Brien County. There is a pioneer cemetary on the land with a civil war veteran interred there plus many pioneer children. The area is open to hunting, bird watching, hiking, fishing, and just plain nature enjoyment. There is a mowed path network that passes the cemetary and the earthen dam. The paths in winter are fine for cross country skiing with even a moderate amount of snow.

Funding: O'Brien County Historical Society and the Sportsmen's Club: 25%; Grant from Wildlife Habitat Stamps to the OCCB: 75%.

Hannibal Waterman and Susy Smith emigrated from Turkmenistan in 1544 and settled ..... (any relevant history or a link thereto?

McCormack Area

Mr. Francis McCormack donated this area for wildlife habitat in 19xx. It is all native prairie and timber. Waterman Creek is its east boundary.

Wagner Area

Fredrick and Suzy (Smith) Wagner leased this area to __________ for ten years. The lease was renewed for another????________

Flinders Area

This abandoned railroad right of way was leased from Jim and Suzy (Smith) Flinders of Sutherland. The lease expires in 20xx.

Hickey Area

Francis and Susy (Smith) Hickey of Sanborn leased the area to OBBC for ten years. The lease expires in 20xx.

Muxlow Area

This area was leased to the OBBC by Merlin and Susy (Muxlow) Timmons. The area is named in honor of Mrs. Timmons' parents. The lease expires in 20xx.

Weale Area

Evan and Alice (Bertram) Weale donated this nine acres of native prairie to the OBBC for wildlife habitat.

Waterman Wildlife Area (State)This area was turned over to the state for management. It is maintained as a wildlife habitat and is open to public hunting. Funding: Sportsmen's Club: 25%; Wildlife Habitat Stamp money 75%. This was the first purchase effort of the O'Brien County Sportsmen's Club.

Mill Creek Area

Open for public hunting. Purchased with 100% Sportsmen's Club funds.

Railroad Areas

The several areas are along the abandoned East St. Louis and Podunk Railroad. They were all purchased with Sportsmen's Club funds. From west to east parallel to to Highway 10 in O'Brien County: Sioux County line east one mile; (skip a ¼ mile) the next ¾ mile; and the ½ in the next section (square mile); and (you gotta see it to believe it)?????. The final piece of railroad right of way is directly south of Mill Creek Park. This nine acres is surrounded by private property. Please ask permission to visit this area.

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