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2005 O'Brien County Fair Handbook


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Each Superintendent shall have full charge of his or her department. They shall have the authority to select assistants and helpers unless otherwise provided, subject to approval of the board.

The Fair Board Superintendents will have the final say if any problems should arise concerning their area.

Showmanship/Substitute Showmen

1. No entry fee is required for any showmanship classes, except horse exhibitors, in which an entry fee is required.

2. Showmanship classes will be divided as follows unless noted:

Junior: 4th - 6th grade as of Sept. 15, 2004.

Intermediate: 7th - 9th grade as of Sept. 15, 2004.

Senior: 10th -12th grade as of Sept. 15, 2004.

3. NO PREMIUM MONEY is awarded for any showmanship classes with the exception of horse classes, where premium money will be awarded.

4. Each 4-H or FFA member must show his/her own project during the showmanship contest in each division.


5. All exhibitors are requested to wear a 4-H or FFA T-shirt while exhibiting unless showmanship rules dictate otherwise -- example: dairy classes suggest that exhibitors wear white trousers and a white shirt. Horse exhibitors, follow rules in horse department.

6. Substitute Showmen - An animal must be shown by the owner unless excused by the superintendent of the division. The superintendent must also approve the substitute who will exhibit the animal. The substitute must be an O'Brien County 4-H or FFA member. Only one person will be allowed in the ring while the animal is being shown. An exhibitor who has more than one animal in a class, need not secure approval for another eligible showman to

exhibit one of his/her animals, however, it is the exhibitor's responsibility to alert the situation to the clerk as the animal is checked into the show ring.

DeBoer Trucking ~ Archer

For Grain Hauling call 712-729-5458

Livestock Sale

8:00 a.m. Thursday, July 28, 2005

(8:00 a.m. Awards/Announcements)

1. Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Market Animals (beef, sheep and

swine) MUST remain on the fair grounds and parade through the sale ring.

2. Any animal going through the auction on Thursday is considered as having changed ownership (even if it is bought back by the original owner), and is no longer eligible to be exhibited as a 4-H project.

3. If after the sale list is made up, the exhibitor does not keep his place, the animal is then put back in line behind those numbered to sell.

THANK YOU BUYERS: On behalf of the fairboard, 4-H'ers and FFA members, we appreciate your support of our county youth. You are greatly appreciated! We encourage exhibitors to send thank-yous on an individual basis to express your appreciation.

***Please note: Fair Clean up will follow the completion of the livestock sale. All 4-H Clubs & FFA Chapters are expected to assist with the clean up. Report to the fair office for directions.

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