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2005 O'Brien County Fair Handbook


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Rabbits Department


Superintendents: Stephanie Madsen &Jerry Otto

Judge: Jess and/or Kim McCune, Spencer, Iowa

1. All 4-H/F.F.A. members MUST have their rabbit(s) tattooed and inspected and I.D. form completed on Saturday, June 4, 2005, or will not be able to exhibit at the fair. Rabbits that have been previously tattooed also need to be inspected and ID form completed. If you are unable to make it on that day; it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the superintendents. All rabbits must be identified at time of tattooing if they will be shown as purebred or commercial.

2. All rabbits need to be checked in by a superintendent before placing in cages. The rabbits may be checked in on Sunday, July 24, from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. or Monday, July 25, from 7:30 - 8:30 a.m. Rabbits must remain on the fairgrounds until release on Wednesday, July 27 at 7:00.

3. An exhibitor may tattoo up to 12 rabbits, but enter no more than 8 rabbits in competition--no individual may have more than two entries per class.

4. It is suggested that all rabbit exhibitors wear a white shirt with long sleeves for protection, but it is not required.

5. Rabbits will not be required to have a health certificate but will be inspected by the superintendents and/or official veterinarian upon check-in. If a rabbit is found to have any infectious or contagious condition, they will be asked to leave the show immediately.

6. The Fair Board will provide Cages. Exhibitors must furnish their own padlocks and feeding equipment.

7. The show will be on Monday, July 25, at 9:00 a.m.

8. Exhibitors must be present during judging, except with superintendent's permission.

9. Judging will be done according to American Rabbit Breeders Association standards. Individual rabbits will be judged by recognized breed standards.

10. There will be breed shows if there are at least 3 4-Class and 3 6-Class rabbits from a particular breed. Classes considered to have to few entries may be dropped or combined with another class at the superintendent's discretion.

11. All exhibitors are encouraged to take part in showmanship.

12. Meat class exhibits may be either crossbred or purebred, but may NOT have been shown in any other class (except Showmanship).

13. A "Best" and "Best opposite sex" will be picked from the all blue ribbon rabbits. These rabbits will then go on to compete for Overall Grand and Reserve Champion Rabbit. Crossbred, non-approved ARBA breeds and meat pens are

eligible for Overall Grand and Reserve Champion honors.

14. Premiums - Blue $3.00; Red $2.00; White $1.00.

O'Brien Co. Soil & Water Conservation District

Primghar 712-757-3835


Tom's Repair Inc.

Local Westfield Auger & Fast Sprayers Dealer

4176 Nettle Ave. Granville, IA 712-752-8294

Rabbit Classes

Meat Class

8404 - Single fryer: not over 10 weeks of age. Minimum weight of 3 pounds. Maximum weight of 5 pounds.

8405 - Pen of Three - three rabbits of the same breed, variety and color. Not necessarily from the same litter. Not over 10 weeks of age. Minimum weight of 3 pounds each. Maximum weight of 5 pounds each.

Four Class Purebred Rabbits


8407 - DUTCH


8409 - MINI LOP

8410 - MINI REX

8411 - POLISH



Age divisions for four-classed purebred rabbits- age at fair time

Lot 1 - Senior Buck - over 6 months

Lot 2 - Senior Doe - over 6 months

Lot 3 - Junior Buck - up to 6 months

Lot 4 - Junior Doe - up to six months

Example: A 5 month old Mini Rex Buck would be in class 8410-lot 3

Six Class Purebred Rabbits



Age divisions for six-classed purebred rabbits - age at fair time

Lot 5 - Senior Buck - over 8 months

Lot 6 - Senior Doe - over 8 months

Lot 7 - Intermediate buck - 6-8 months

Lot 8 - Intermediate Doe - 6-8 months

Lot 9 Junior Buck - less than 6 months

Lot 10 - Junior Doe - less than 6 months

Example: A 7 month old New Zealand Doe would be in class 8414, lot 8


Crossbred Rabbits

8416-Individual Commercial (Cross bred) Buck Rabbit

8417-Individual Commercial (Cross Bred) Doe Rabbit

Age divisions for four-classed purebred rabbits- age at fair time

Lot 11 - Senior Buck - over 6 months

Lot 12 - Senior Doe - over 6 months

Lot 13 - Junior Buck - up to 6 months

Lot 14 - Junior Doe - up to six months

Example: A 7 month old Polish/Netherland Dwarf cross doe would be in class 8417-lot 12.


8401 - Junior Showmanship

8402 - Intermediate Showmanship

8403- Senior Showmanship

Dress A Bunny

Class 8418 - A fun class open to all rabbit exhibitors and limited only by your imagination! Rabbits are to be dressed in a costume of your choice. Class will be judged on originality and manners of the rabbit. Examples: Baseball player, scarecrow, wizard. Depending on number of entries, this class may be split by age divisions.

Special Rabbit Awards

Hy-Vee Sheldon will present plaques to the Top Junior, Intermediate and Senior Showmanship.

Top Line Feeds, Germantown, will present trophies to the Champion Pen of Three Meat Rabbits and Overall Champion and Reserve Champion Rabbit.

Vander Werff & Associates

Sanborn 712-729-3264

Northwest Ag Supply, LLC

Hartley 712-728-9980

Hartley Ag Partners ~ 712-728-2382

Dedicated to integrity, Committed to your future.


Snider's Auto Care Center

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Paullina Locker Plant

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