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2005 O'Brien County Fair Handbook

Pet Department

For currency and completeness, visit O'Brien County Extension.

Pet Department


1. All participants must wear a white or green 4-H T-shirt.

2. All pets must be leashed or caged.

3. All participants must have a booklet, which includes story and expenses.

4. Animals must be clean and groomed.

5. Participants should be knowledgeable about their pet.

6. Limit of 2 entries per 4-H member, one pet per classes (no litters!). One of each species.

7. Pet exhibits should be brought to the fair at the time of the show (to exhibit hall 10 minutes prior to show) and taken home immediately following the show.

8. Premiums - Blue $3.00; Red $2.00; White $1.00.

Pet Classes

3010 - Dogs

3020 -Cats

3030 - Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, etc.

3040 - Other Pets

Sheldon Vet Clinic ~ 712-324-3014

Production Animal Medicine

Small Animal Medicine & Surgery

Surgery & Consulting Services; Boarding & Grooming

Sanborn Savings Bank

Member FDIC 712-930-3211


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