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2005 O'Brien County Fair Handbook


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Horse Department


1. Projects must be on the grounds and checked in, with health papers, with by 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 24th or you do not show. Judging will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday - All game classes will be held on Wednesday, July 27th at 11:30 p.m.

2. Each exhibitor will be required to stall one horse or pony on the

fairgrounds until release on Wednesday, July 27, at 7:30 p.m. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all premium money.

3. Each exhibitor is responsible for the control of his or her own animal. Only 4-H'ers or FFA members may ride or warm up their horses at any time during the O'Brien County Fair! At no time during the show will anyone other than the exhibitor be allowed to ride. Violators will be disqualified from the remainder of the show.

4. Exhibitors are allowed to enter only one horse or pony per class.

5. The judge's decision is FINAL. The superintendent has NO authority over the judge.

6. Please refer to the 4-H Horse Show Guide for additional rules concerning individual classes and equipment for each class. Guide books are available at the Extension Office for a cost of $2.00. Please refer also the general livestock rules found in the front of this fair book. It will be assumed that you are aware of all these rules, and action will be taken accordingly.

7. No horse or pony may be shown by two individuals in the same show. No two year old or older stallions will be allowed in any class.

8. Exhibitors shall not substitute a different horse or pony for that entered in a class unless the superintendent is provided with veterinarian's certificate stating the reason for the needed change. The substituted horse must be a project identified by May 16 of the current year.


9. Superintendents will give stall assignments. No changing of stalls is allowed, unless cleared by superintendents.

10. ALL classes must be specified by entry deadline. (July 16,2005)

11. Exhibitors will be divided based upon the grade in school just completed. Juniors are 4th -7th grade, Seniors 8th -12th grade.

12. Horses and ponies will be divided based upon their height at the withers, allowing one half inch for shoes. Ponies will be under 14.1 hands (57 inches), and horses will include 14.1 hands and over.

13. Exhibitors entering class #8315 Novice Showmanship, must be a first or second year horse exhibitor regardless of age. Exhibitors in this class are not eligible for classes #8313 and #8314.

14. Exhibitors entering in #8320 Walk Trot class are not eligible for Junior or Senior Pleasure or Horsemanship. The Walk trot class is for those exhibitors not ready to lope in a class. If you win, you will be required to advance to the pleasure classes.

15. On Sunday, all exhibitors (including FFA) will be required to show in a white, long sleeve shirt (button or snap down front, with collar), hard sole boots blue jeans (no stone washed or faded). AN SEI APPROVED SAFETY HELMET IS REQUIRED IN ALL CLASSES AND ANYTIME MOUNTED, DURING THE FAIR WEEK! YOU WILL BE RQUIRED TO WEAR IT FOR THECOSTUME CLASS. ON WEDNESDAY EXHIBITORS WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A 4-H OR FFA T-SHIRT.

16. Premiums: Blue; $6.00 Red; $5.00 White; $4.00.

17. There will be a High Point horse in the Junior and Senior division and a High Point Individual in both divisions. Points will be awarded according to the color of ribbon: Grand - 5 points; Reserve - 4 points; Blue - 3 points; Red - 2 points; and White - 1 point.

Special Horse Awards

Town and County Saddle Club will provide prizes for the Grand Champion in Junior and Senior Showmanship.

The Horse Superintendents will provide prizes for the Junior and Senior High Point Individual.

Zelda Buse Christenson will provide prizes for the Junior and Senior High Point Horse in memory of Earl Buse.

The Alan Leonard Family will provide a traveling trophy if a senior member wins both the High Point and Individual Awards in memory of Shelley Gonnerman.

Horse Classes

8310 - Open Pony Halter (either sex/any age)

8311 - Mare Halter

8312 - Gelding Halter

8313 - Sr. Showmanship

8314 - Jr. Showmanship

8315 - Novice Showmanship (See rule #8)

30 minute break

8316 - Sr. Costume - Walk Only

8317 - Jr. Costume - Walk Only


8318 - Sr. Trail Class

8319 - Jr. Trail Class

8320 - Walk Trot - (Designed for those young riders not ready for a lope. Not allowed to enter classes 8321-8324)

8321 - Sr. Western Pleasure

8322 - Jr. Western Pleasure

8323 - Sr. Horsemanship

8324 - Jr. Horsemanship

Wednesday, July 21

8325 - Sr. Egg & Spoon

8326- Jr. Egg & Spoon

8327 - Sr. Barrels

8328 - Jr. Barrels

8329 - Sr. Flag Race

8330 - Jr. Flag Race

8331 - Sr. Speed Dash

8332 - Jr. Speed Dash

8333- Sr. Poles

8334 - Jr. Poles

8335 - Sr. Keyhole

8336 - Jr. Keyhole

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