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2005 O'Brien County Fair Handbook

History/Family Heritage

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Purpose: This class is designed to help participants gain a greater appreciation for and to focus on 4-H history and family heritage. Emphasis is also provided for an intergenerational focus. Participants (youth and adults) are encouraged to learn more about the history of 4-H in Iowa and their heritage. This class is designed and intended to provide an opportunity for 4-H'ers and adults to form a team in planning and developing an exhibit to share together learning's related to history and heritage.

1. Each county may enter one exhibit at the Iowa State Fair in this class.

2. The 4-H youth exhibitor(s) will receive special recognition certificate.

3. The exhibit must be an outgrowth of a 4-H learning experience planned and completed by one or more 4-H'ers, of eligible exhibitor age, with one or more adult(s).

4. The exhibit is to be an outgrowth of work done, through 4-H, to accomplish a goal(s) determined jointly by all the participating 4-H'ers and adults.

5. Exhibits might be an actual product, poster, display, report, notebook, model, videotape, audiocassette, etc.

6. The exhibit should include the following information:

* What was the goal(s)?

* How was the idea for the exhibit determined and developed?

* What responsibilities were completed by each participant, youth and adult, involved in the learning experience?

* What were the learnings of this experience for each individual? This might include what you learned about working with each other.

* What were the benefits of the experience for the participants (youth/adults/together)?

* What plans do you have to continue this interest?

* What responsibilities did each participant, youth and adult, involved in the learning experience complete?

7. Exhibitors are responsible to read and comply with the Iowa State Fair "General Exhibit Rules" to be eligible for State Fair entry.

8. O'Brien County Fair will ask for this exhibit to be brought to the O'Brien County Fair the same time that all of the non-livestock exhibits will enter on July 19, 2003. If needed, due to limited exhibit space and size and nature of the exhibit, the department superintendent reserves the right to rotate exhibits on display (refer to item 7 above).


Any exhibit by one or more 4-H'ers with one or more adult(s), which is an outgrowth of a goal identified by the participants. Topics might be related to the history of: 4-H, a 4-H project, educational experience, activity, family heritage, Iowa, etc.

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