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The books listed have some Primghar-O'Brien County interest. Some are portrayals of the area, some are embelished to one degree or another, and others are authored by individuals with an attachment to the area.

Many of the books are in the Primghar Library's special collection and not available for circulation. Where possible, sources of the books for purchase are shown.

The World's Only Primghar by Jim Merry

"The Worlds Only Primghar" by Jim Merry. Published: 2003. ISBN: n/a. Source:

Books by  Gladys  Zinn

"On Making Apple Pie" by Gladys Avery Zinn. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

"Our Beautiful World" by Gladys Avery Zinn. Published: . ISBN: n/a. ASIN: B00072LED8 Source:

"Along Life's Way" by Gladys Avery Zinn. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

"The Life Story of a Pioneer Iowa Doctor" by Gladys Avery Zinn. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

Gladys Zinn      Dr.

Gladys Avery Zinn and the Iowa Doctor
Book by Locke

"Strangers and Other Poems" by R.J. Locke. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

Doc's Boy by D. L. Wagner

"Doc"s Boy" by Dan Wagner. Published: . ISBN-13: 978-0967836805.

Book by the O'Brien County Bell

"O'Brien County Bell Centenial Edition 1988" by Bell staff. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

75th Anniversary Book

"75th Anniversary of Primghar Community" by the local paper. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

1914 Book on O'Brien and Osceola Counties

"Past and Present of O'Brien and Osceola Counties,Iowa" by Peck and Montzheimer. Published: . ISBN: n/a. Source:

Walking Beans Wasn't Somethiing You Did with Your Dog "Walking Beans Wasn't Something You Did With Your Dog:" Stories of Growing Up in and Around Small Towns in the Midwest (Paperback) by Jean Tennant (Author) Available on ISBN:978-0982105801
One story is about Primghar.
Sowing Wild Oats "Sowing Wild Oats " by Jean Tennant. ISBN-13: 978-0615726380 An exerpt by Primghar resident Loren Flaugh:
"Perhaps the most interesting inner workings to watch was how the twine was threaded around a bale, tied into a knot and cut. Little kids often struggle for weeks, months or years when first learning to tie a knot in their shoes. But somehow mankind figured out a way for a machine to tie a knot. The dexterity of the knotter was clearly the most specialized mechanism on the machine to watch."

The following books are by a Joseph Nye Welch which may or may not be the J.N. Welch associated with Primghar. The books are scholarly, not related to his lifetime: "Trademarks and Unfair Competition" authors included Joseph Nye Welch as an author. ISBN: 0256164754 Source: and "Constitution: The Story of the Constitution and the Men Who Made It" by Joseph Nye Welch. 1976 ISBN: 0910220735 Source:

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