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"Rizzo....sees as irresponsible, dilentantish, and intellectually lazy congressional and senatorial oversight committees." FA M/J 2014. About the CIA but applies to ???.

    Last Update on: September 16, 2014

  • Tree-Storm-Damage pickup Fridays. Call city by Thur, 3 PM.


List changed: Aug 25, 2014.

Webcam of Local activity
MSIE--ActiveX required; OR USE FIREFOX browser.

Hwy 59, 3 south of Primghar looking north.
Photo detail: 2004 snapshot looking toward Primghar.
PS: Newer thumbnail or banner photo of interest? Send yours to webmaster (link at bottom of page). Preferably from within Primghar Ambulance "response area."
Top banner: Fall Festival--Oct 24-25. Heritage Park

Support your home town businesses.
Drought Monitor web site.

Because it is a climate crisis--long term, irreversible - not weekly weather, don't forget the energy and money saving options thru the city. Listen to 'Elvis' tell you more about conserving. EcoElvis Web Page

Web Pages on Politics (NY Times)

Electoral-Vote.Com (2006 list) Links and Facts (in depth-with some searching)

Gov't Open Meetings

More Events

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