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Near sunset 2017 LeMars Fair Fig 8 Race.

Nicholson Edwards Fire. -->

THIS WEEK in Primghar     Last Update on: September 20, 2017

  • "I" Was Asked

  • If "we" commit two felonies a day," is one of them dumping tv's, wire fencing, etc. at the airport grass, tree linbs dump. Or maybe one is burning tires?
  • September -- Wikipedia

  • First Tuesday, 7:30 PM Planning and Zoning Committee meets at City Hall.
  • 21st, Thur; by 5 PM: Last Moment to hand in City Councilperson canididate applications.
  • 22nd, Fri; 3:02 PM :
  • Fall begins. Sun departs our half.
  • 28th, Thur; 11:30 - 1:00 pm: Fall Salad Luncheon, Primghar Comm. Bldg, Free Will Donation. Baum Harmon Mercy Auxiliary.
  • Tidbits, REFRESHED on 20th:
    September (1988)
    8 th 1968--$150,000 hospital drive starts. 9 th --- 10 th 1970--Hospital open house and dedication. Ellen Baum, benifactrix, guest of honor. 11 th --- 12 th 1912--Taxes reduced 2 mil - no county debt. 13 th 1900--Catholics move and repair old Methodist Church. 14 th 1904--Last of board walk around square is replaced by cement. 15 th 1954--Attorney Lampman sworn in as District Judge. 16 th 1967--Gaudian Funeral Home opens in Primghar. 17 th 1904--Early morning fire at Grand Hotel . Discovered by Annie Johnson, employee of hotel. 18 th 1967--Northern Natural Gas Co. makes connection with Primghar. 19 th --- 20 th 1906--Methodist Pastor salary is $1,000. 21 st --- 22 nd 1919--School closed because of Scarletina. 23 rd --- 24 th 1897--Wm. Jennings Bryan speaks in Primghar. 25 th 1902--Poker player fined by mayor. Fines amounted to $85 - turned in to city treasury. 26 th 1956--Donald Wittrock wins state Plowing Title. 27 th 1894--Cyclone struck vicinity doing extensive damage. 28 th 1902--Contract made with gas plant, there will be 28 street lights. 29 th 1943--O'Brien County over subscribed its warr bond quota by $20,000. 30 th 1907--Geo. Schee puts $15,000 in trust - the interest to buy flags for schools and public buildings.
    from 1988 calendar, 2017 days and dates don't match
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  • Conservation/Naturalist's Events
  • O'Brien County Events Calendar


Webcam of Local activity
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Photo detail: Local picture?? Yes! Get rid of the Environmental Prodtection Agency (EPA)--bring back the entertainment. Share your worry.
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Drought Monitor web site.

Because it is a climate crisis--long term, irreversible - not weekly weather, don't forget the energy and money saving options thru the city.

Gov't Open Meetings

  • First Tuesday, 7:30 PM Planning and Zoning Committee meets at City Hall.
  • Oct 9th, Mon; 7:00 pm Regular Council Meeting. Agenda -click on month -- unless the Council did't post it. Due the preceding Friday

More Events

  • October -- Wikipedia

  • November -- Wikipedia

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