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Near sunset 2017 LeMars Fair Fig 8 Race.

Nicholson Edwards Fire. -->

THIS WEEK in Primghar     Last Update on: October 9, 2017

  • "I" Was Asked

  • If "we" commit two felonies a day," is one of them dumping tv's, wire fencing, etc. at the airport grass, tree linbs dump. Or maybe one is burning tires? What regulations get you? Mine ???
  • October -- Wikipedia

  • First Tuesday, 7:30 PM Planning and Zoning Committee meets at City Hall.
  • 18th, Wed; by 7 AM: Recycle-ables at the curb. (Nuisance items found in recycle bins: plastic sacks, food, diapers. From MPR interview.)
  • 21st, Sat; 7:30 - 9:30 PM: Skating Rink opens. Children $2, Adults $3. And following Saturdays. (Special events welcome by arrangement.
  • 27th, 28th; Fri, Sat; ?? PM: Haunted Village, Heritage Park.
  • 29th, Sun; 10 AM - 1 PM: OMELET BRUNCH, Community Building Fundraiser. Free Will Donation.
  • 31st, Tue; by 6AM: Curb your "get rid of's" FALL CLEAN UP. (Call city office about question-ables: TV, appliances, etc.)
  • 31st, Tue; 5 - 7 PM: Trick or Treat night.
  • Tidbits, REFRESHED on 14th:
    October (1988) 15 th --- 16 th 1986--R. T. Smith retires after 37 years of practice of law. 17 th 1907--Primghar treated to sight of rainbow caused by rays of moon. 18 th 1906--Council lets contract for entire sewer for $26,612.80. 19 th --- 20 th 1928--Local banks guard doors due to recent bank robberies. 21 st --- 22 nd 1903--Primghar Post Office and Archer Saloon robbed. 23 rd 1892--5 cars on railroad derailed and wrecked. Engineer unhurt; brakeman has broken leg. ///1888--Primghar had a R.R. and 30 business houses. The year before had no R.R and only 2 stores. 24 th 1892--Price of washing machine - $3.50. ///1902--Kerosene lamp explodes causing fire in Post Office and burning Postmaster J. H. Wulf. 25 th --- 26 th 1938--Grace Lutheran Church breaks ground for new church. 27 th 1919--New auto license plates received - O'Brien County assigned #75. 28 th 1907--Auto has same right on road as any other vehicle. Give half the road and keep to right. 29 th 1903--Bread - 3 a loaf. 30 th --- 31 st ---
    from 1988 calendar, 2017 days and dates don't match
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  • South O'Brien Activities Calendar //// SOS Home Page
  • Conservation/Naturalist's Events
  • O'Brien County Events Calendar


Webcam of Local activity
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Photo detail: Local picture?? Yes! Get rid of the Environmental Prodtection Agency (EPA)--bring back the entertainment. Share your worry.
PS: Newer thumbnail or banner photo of interest? Send yours to webmaster (link at bottom of page). Preferably from within Primghar Ambulance "response area."
Support your home town businesses.
Drought Monitor web site.

Because it is a climate crisis--long term, irreversible - not weekly weather, don't forget the energy and money saving options thru the city.

Gov't Open Meetings

  • First Tuesday, 7:30 PM Planning and Zoning Committee meets at City Hall.
  • Nov 13th, Mon; 7:00 pm Regular Council Meeting. Agenda -click on month -- unless the Council did't post it. Due the preceding Friday

More Events

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